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    Comforting warmth without sparks!

    Stoves that work with solid fuels like wood or pellets, produce a languorous heat, which is perfect for heating your room. The exhaust gas that are produced during the burning, are lead through a stove pipe to the chimney or exhaust system.


    The combustion process is happening during low pressure, which means that the exhaust gas has to leave through the chimney draught. For this our standard stovepipe FERRO-LUX or the isolated variant ISO-LINE is suitable for a reduced distance to combustible components.


    For pellet powered stoves we developed a special exhaust system PELLET LINE. The factory-fitted seal prevents the escape of particle matter during deflagration. The maximum flue gas temperature must not exceed 200°C.


    If the system works room air independent then we offer you suitable air supply systems (single/double walled).


    Connection pipe made out of steel plate

    Stove pipe made out of sheet steel for the connection to wood stoves and for the usage in the living area and in the field of vision, dry operation mode


    Flue system made out of stainless steel

    The classic one for relining: single wall stainless steel chimney for modernizing and reducing the cross-sectional area of existing chimneys, connection pipes and for the ventilation.


    Flexible stainless steel flue system

    Single wall flexible stainless steel exhaust system for relining of chimneys with offset.


    Conically sealing flue system made out of stainless steel

    Single wall flue system with conical connection (no gasket needed!) for all standard fireplaces and CHP


    Double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    Reasonable alternative to classic DWFU system : double wall stainless steel chimney for all low pressure standard fireplaces. Works in both dry or moist conditions


    Double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    The classical : double wall stainless steel chimney for all standard fireplaces working with low pressure


    Metallic sealing double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    The allrounder: pressure tight double-wall stainless steel chimney with conical sealing connection


    Double wall design-chimney made of stainless steel

    The Plus-X-Award winner: DW-VISION, the double wall stainless steel chimney, can be used without any clamping fittings which makes a smooth chimney column possible

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